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BRAVE Energy is a tool for anyone who wants to bring out the best in him/herself in any given scenario. 


All around the world, people have not had the fortune to witness and realize their potential. The hectic lifestyles of today can strain your motivation and general well-being, which then affect your level of output, motivation, and ultimately your perception of your personal potential. Don’t settle for less than yourself. BRAVE Energy is there for you to unlock and develop your true capabilities, constantly reminding you that you can do anything you set your mind to. We aspire to inspire.


Drink before a lecture, your gym training session, your day out with the kids, or that aspirational aim you’re about to attempt. Whether you’re a high-performing athlete, a student, a parent surrounded by active kids, or someone who just wants to enjoy his weekends more, BRAVE Energy is your source for vitality. 


Made in the U.S.A in a plant with American workers. Our ingredients are simple, B– Vitamin, Taurine, and Sugars. We care about taste and quality, making sure to supply the world only with a high-grade FDA approved product.  


We are the official drink of BRAVE Combat Federation, the global ecosystem for MMA. BRAVE CF is the world’s fastest growing MMA promotion, uniting the world through MMA; making sure that every country gets visited and every talent is given an opportunity to showcase their skills and art of fighting. 


We power the best athletes around the globe, allowing them to make the best out of their training sessions and compete with their full potential. Look for us in American drifting series and motorsports, MMA, extreme sports and many grass roots and community-based efforts. 


Anything can be done better when you feed your working mind and body with the energy you need. Sharpen your senses, turn aspirations into reality, and give yourself a chance to discover your true potential.


Fortune Favors the BRAVE!


We are proud to introduce Amy H2o line of premium waters. Offered in Reverse osmosis purified, Alkaline, Spring and Electrolyte enhanced.

Amy H2o's mission is to fight sex trafficking in all of its forms!

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